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Mathematics Conferences Mini-workshop on Algebraic geometry and its Applications
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"m-dissimilarity tensors and graphs of genus 1"
SPEAKER  |  Cristiano Bocci
INSTITUTE  |  Universit? di Siena
DATE  |  February 21(Fri), 2014
TIME  |  16:20
PLACE  |  Room 403, Center for Mathematical Challenges (CMC)
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ABSTRACT  |  In this talk I will introduce two results (joint works with Filip Cools, University of Leuven) based on tropical techniques for the study of phylogenetic inference. In particular I will show a complete description, in term of tropical equations, of space of m-dissimilarity tensors (which arise naturally in the study of DNA chains) and a further results on graphs of genus 1 which represent, in biology, particular cases of speciation.
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