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The environment of dark matter haloes
SPEAKER  |  Benjamin L’Huillier
DATE  |  September 28(Wed), 2016
TIME  |  11:10
PLACE  |  1114
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ABSTRACT  |  Galaxies come in various shapes and colours. Understanding the evolution from blue, star-forming spirals to red, dead, ellipticals is a crucial question in astrophysics. Interactions such as mergers or flybys are one of the key events that shape galaxies. Using the massive Horizon Run 4 $N$-body simulation run at KIAS, we study the environment of dark matter haloes, and study the interaction rate as a function of mass and density. We then study the effects of interactions on the alingment of the spins and the shape of dark matter haloes. Finally, using several sets of simulations of modified gravity, we study the effects modified gravity on the interaction rate and the alignment of haloes.
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