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Exploring a new territory of light dark matter
SPEAKER  |  Lee, Hyun Min
INSTITUTE  |  Chung-Ang U
DATE  |  September 28(Wed), 2016
TIME  |  15:45
PLACE  |  1114
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ABSTRACT  |  Dark matter is the omnipresent component of matter in the Universe but the nature of dark matter is unknown. Thus, there have been huge efforts to unravel the nature of dark matter by direct, indirect detection and collider experiments with increasing sensitivities. However, there has been no conclusive, direct evidence for dark matter, and in particular, the current limits obtained from various dark matter searches are challenging for the Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMP) paradigm. In this talk, we review recent efforts on building alternative scenarios to WIMP, such as sub-GeV light dark matter based on thermal freeze-out mechanism, and discuss the issues and tasks to test them in the future.
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