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Galaxy Clustering Topology of Large-scale Structure in the Universe
SPEAKER  |  Choi, Yun-Young
INSTITUTE  |  Kyung Hee U
DATE  |  September 28(Wed), 2016
TIME  |  16:10
PLACE  |  1114
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ABSTRACT  |  Topology analysis was introduced by Gott et al. (1986) to test the Gaussianity of the primordial density fluctuations. At large scales where density fluctuations are still in the linear regime and maintain their initial topology, it is possible to check whether the primordial fluctuations were a Gaussian field or not. At smaller scales, the topology analysis is useful in constraining both cosmological parameters and galaxy formation mechanisms if the initial conditions were Gaussian distributed. In particular, differences in clustering topology for different types of galaxies reflect their different history of formation and evolution. In this talk, we present various three-dimensional genus topologies of large-scale structures traced by three different types of galaxies (Main galaxy, luminous red galaxy, and high redshift BOSS galaxy) from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and discuss their deviations of the observed topology from the theoretical expectation. To estimate the uncertainties in the measured genus and also to compare the result with the outputs of cosmological N-body simulations of a ΛCDM universe, we use mock surveys constructed along the past light cone from the Horizon Run 3 which is one of the largest N-body simulations to date and was realized at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study.
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