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Dark Matter Searches: A Theorist¡¯s Perspective
SPEAKER  |  Paolo Gondolo
INSTITUTE  |  Univ. of Utah
DATE  |  December 9(Wed), 2015
TIME  |  16:00
PLACE  |  1423
Keyword  |  Dark Matter Searches: A Theorist¡¯s Perspective
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ABSTRACT  |  Abstract: Searches for particle dark matter in the halo of our galaxy and beyond have produced debatable and apparently contradictory results. For example, direct searches through the scattering of dark matter particles off laboratory nuclei have found an annual modulation with the predicted characteristics of a dark matter signal, while upper limits from other experiments appear stronger than the claimed detection. And indirect evidence of dark matter decay or annihilation products such as gamma-rays, X-rays, or positrons have to contend with emission from other astrophysical sources. In this talk, I will introduce the subject of particle dark matter and I will present a theorist's perspective on the present-day situation, indicating current trends on the experimental and theoretical scenes.
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