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Zeta functions of adjacency algebras of association schemes
SPEAKER  |  Mitsugu Hirasaka
INSTITUTE  |  Pusan National University
DATE  |  May 31(Fri), 2013
TIME  |  10:20
PLACE  |  Conference room 1503, KIAS
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ABSTRACT  |  For a module L which has only finitely many submodules with a given finite index we define the zeta function of L to be a formal Dirichlet series L(s)=n1 an n-s where an is the number of submodules of L with index n. For a commutative ring R and an association scheme (X,S) we denote the adjacency algebra of (X,S) over R by RS. In this talk we aim to compute ZS(s) under several assumptions where ZS is viewed as a regular ZS-module.
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