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Bell’s Spaceship Gedankenexperiment and the Dynamical Perspective on the Space and Time (올해의 주제 연구단 주제강연 1)
SPEAKER  |  Ghim, Zae-young
INSTITUTE  |  Seoul National University
DATE  |  March 30(Mon), 2015
TIME  |  16:30
PLACE  |  1503
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ABSTRACT  |  발표자 : 김재영 (서울대) 주제 : 벨의 우주선 사고실험과 시공간에 대한 동역학적 관점의 비판 지정토론 : 이상욱 (한양대) Abstract: By investigating Bell’s spaceship argument, I discuss the significance and the limitation of the alternative interpretations of the theory of relativity. John S Bell discussed the solution of the spaceship Gedankenexperiment, which was originally proposed by Edmond M Dewan and Michael J Beran. Bell emphasized that FitzGerald contraction is not an apparent effect due to the transformation of the reference frame, but a real physical process. I clarify the spaceship argument using the Minkowski spacetime diagram and explicitly show that the thread in the argument breaks in the both inertial frames, but with different reasons. Tim Maudlin proposed to distinguish physical Lorentz contraction from coordinate-based Lorentz contraction, when he accounted for Bell’s spaceship argument. I show that Bell’s explanation and Maudlin’s proposal can be understood from the viewpoint of the Dynamical Perspective, proposed by Harvey Brown and Robert DiSalle and advocated by Yang Kyoung-Eun. By critically examining several aspects of the Dynamical Perspective, I argue that Maudlin’s distinction of two kinds of Lorentz transformation is inappropriate, while Bell’s approach is legitimate. Bell’s spaceship argument gives a good opportunity for discussing the pros and cons of the alternative interpretations of the theory of relativity, such as Einstein’s original idea, Minkowski’s spacetime-centered view and Lorentz’s dynamical point of view. Discussant: Lee, Sang-wook (Hanyang University)
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