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Emergence of Patterns in Physical, Chemical,and Biological Systems
SPEAKER  |  Harry L. Swinney
INSTITUTE  |  University of Texas at Austin, USA
DATE  |  July 21(Sun), 2013
TIME  |  16:30
PLACE  |  Auditorium(1F), Museum of Art (MoA),Seoul National University, Korea
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ABSTRACT  |  The emergence of patterns is one of the worldĄŻs most durable mysteries. Some patterns (clouds, zebra stripes) form in space, while others vary in time (e.g., cardiac and circadian rhythms). We consider ordered patterns that emerge in systems driven away from the uniform state (thermodynamic equilibrium) by imposing different temperatures, pressures, or nutrient concentrations on opposite boundaries of a system. Experiments and theory reveal that similar patterns often emerge in quite different systems. For example, spiral patterns appear in frog eggs, fibrillating hearts, and ocean eddies, and similar fractal (noninteger dimension) wrinkling occurs in some leaves, flowers, and torn plastic sheets. The discovery of mathematically similar patterns in diverse systems suggests that there exist general principles describing the emergence of patterns in systems driven away from the uniform state.
  • Emergence of Pattern...
    Harry L. Swinney
    July 21(Sun), 2013