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Public lecture Conferences Open KIAS 대중강연 - 2013 노벨물리학상 해설강연(조앤휴잇)
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힉스; 이론, 발견, 우주의운명 (Higgs; The theory, the discovery, the fate of the universe)
SPEAKER  |  JoAnne.L.Hewett
INSTITUTE  |  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
DATE  |  November 15(Fri), 2013
TIME  |  19:30
PLACE  |  고등과학원 1층 대강당
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ABSTRACT  |  The discovery of a Higgs boson is a spectacular triumph for human-kind! Existence of the Higgs was first theorized in 1964 as a means to generate mass for fundamental particles. After an intense particle-hunt, its discovery fills the last missing piece of the Standard Model of particle physics. I will explain the workings of the Higgs mechanism, review the decades-long quest for the elusive particle, describe how it was eventually detected, discuss what comes next and how it is tied to the fate of the universe.
  • 힉스; 이론, 발견, 우주의운명 (...
    November 15(Fri), 2013