On the Validity of the Effective Field Theory for Cosmic Inflation in the Planck Era

  • SPEAKER : Lee, Hyun Min
  • INSTITUTE : Chung-Ang University
  • DATE : February 20(Thu), 2014
  • TIME : 14:30-15:00
  • PLACE : 1503 Conference Room, KIAS
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ABSTRACT : Recent data from Planck mission confirms a relatively simple universe that can be accounted for by a simple form of inflation, driven by a single scalar field. Starobinsky and Higgs inflation models and their analogues have drawn attention as they fit into the Planck data extremely well. We discuss the validity of inflation models favored by Planck data from the point view of effective field theory, and present a class of single field inflation models that belong to Starobinsky-like models and preserve perturbative unitarity up to the Planck scale.

Quantum Universe Center (QUC) Inaugural Conference