Quantum state transfer through spin-chains

  • SPEAKER : Nguyen Ba An
  • DATE : July 10(Thu), 2014
  • TIME : 11:00-11:30
  • PLACE : 고등과학원 국제회의실 (1호관 1층)
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ABSTRACT : Transferring quantum information encoded in quantum states from one spin-system to another is necessary in quantum information processing and quantum computing. When the systems are far apart, photons can serve as the most suitable carriers of quantum information. This, however, has difficulties in the interfacing problem. When the systems are close to each other, quantum state transfer can be done through spin-chains that directly connect the systems, without resorting to photons. In this talk, methods for quantum state transfer through spin-chains will be presented, exploiting a sequence of in-time swapping gates, natural evolution or proper measurement-based strategies.