Phonon Shift Operation and the Test of Quantum Jarzynski Equality

  • SPEAKER : Kihwan Kim
  • INSTITUTE : Tsinghua University
  • DATE : July 11(Fri), 2014
  • TIME : 09:30-10:30
  • PLACE : 고등과학원 국제회의실 (1호관 1층)
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ABSTRACT : In this talk, I would like to discuss first phonon shift operation and then the test of quantum Jarzynski equality as an application. Non-Gaussian operation is essential resource for quantum computation and quantum information processing with continuous variables. Several experiments on non-Gaussian operation based on annihilation and creation operation have recently been demonstrated in mainly photonic systems. Other than annihilation and creation operation or combination of them, not that much other operations also has not yet been discussed. In phonon system, though it initiated experimental studies on non-classical phenomena of quantum optics originally, such non-Gaussian operations have not yet been demonstrated. We report the experimental invention of phonon number shift operation on phonons of a trapped ion system. The shift operations $\ket{n}$ to $\ket{n\pm 1}$ are different from creation and annihilation, since shift up operation is perfectly deterministic and shift down operation on classical state produce non-classical state. We invent the operations through the transless adiabatic drive couple to the qubit level of trapped ion. We observe the negative values in Wigner function after each operation, which clearly shows the characteristics of the non-Gaussian operation. Finally we will introduce the projective measurements with phonon shift operation and will discuss its application to the test of quantum Jarzynski equality.