Detecting nonclassicality beyond mixtures of Gaussian states under constraints

  • SPEAKER : 박지용
  • INSTITUTE : Texas A&M
  • DATE : July 11(Fri), 2014
  • TIME : 15:15-15:45
  • PLACE : 고등과학원 국제회의실 (1호관 1층)
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ABSTRACT : We provide a general formalism to witness genuine quantum non-Gaussianity under energy constraint. Our formulation yields a variety of non-Gaussianity criteria that can be useful to address single-mode and two-mode quantum systems. It can also be an important tool to compare Gaussian and non -Gaussian resources for quantum communication. We particularly show that Gaussian states are nonoptimal resource under an energy constraint, e.g. for quantum teleportation, which sheds light on the necessity of quantum non-Gaussian resources more rigorously.